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because your heart has surrendered itself to me.

This is my music livejournal, i do have a personal one, but it's personal for a reason~! moving on!

I won't have a set type of music i'll upload for you, I'll most likely be uploading here what i share in other communities, and some random things i'll only put here: so you won't only get the leftovers xD

I'll be uploading music in anything from japanese, english, thai, korean, chinese, french, spanish, and beyond! I have quite a variety!

Are there any rules? ofcourse!

001; Please comment on this entry and then add me as a friend. only then will i add you back.

002; Comment on what you download, m'kay? takes two seconds, i KNOW you can do it! i believe in you! xD

003; Do not bash, flame, or insult me, the artist, or any of the people commenting on my entries. if you show this behavior, i kinda gotta delete you for peace n' quiet's sake. if someone does bash/flame/insult you on my journal: please ignore them and email me about it. i'll assess the situation and warn the offender. if i feel it warrants a delete, i'll delete them.

004; Keep requests to a minimum. how do you request? if i upload something and you like it, and want more by that artist, ask for more, and if i have more, i will gladly provide. providing I have more :D! so if you see something in recent or past entries and you want more: ask for more in the form of a comment! I'll do what i can.

005; you better enjoy the music i upload, dammit!

006; look at this picture. Deborah Williams is coming for you.

questions? knightabraxas@gmail.com

myspace: www.myspace.com/buring_for_it/

Deviantart: http://denzai.deviantart.com